Architectural lighting specialist, Concord, has launched a new brochure for 2015, which details a full complement of outdoor approved lighting solutions. With an emphasis on technical performance alongside aesthetics, the guide has products with the unique ‘Orbital Aiming System’, which allows specifiers and end-users infinite directional adjustment of the light source.

Lumiance has furthered its portfolio of ambient and decorative products by enhancing the LumiStrip range of LED strip lighting to now include two high output versions. The LumiStrip High Output and the LumiStrip High Output Pro are both high performing and energy efficient, whilst maintaining the ethos of LumiStrip in being flexible in shape and colour. Ideal for a variety of applications across the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors, LumiStrip is a must have for designers or contractors looking to create a unique atmosphere for each lighting scheme. 

Lumiance has launched the Lumina LED range, a new family of ambient lighting solutions which have been designed specifically for decorative lighting applications within the residential and hospitality sectors. Lumiance is well known for its easy-to-install ambient and decorative lighting products and with the introduction of Lumina, the brand has expanded its range and allows individuality and creativeness to shine through in a lighting scheme. 

Sylvania has upgraded its range of high quality GU10, MR16 and ES63 LED lamps to achieve 460Lm in all three lamp types. Using the latest in LED chip technology, the lamps have been designed to deliver an increase in lumen output while maintaining power consumption, effectively increasing luminous efficacy to 66Lm/W.

Sylvania has launched its latest range of high quality, high light output GU10 LED lamps with the introduction of the RefLED+ ES50 V2 600Lm Dimmable. The new RefLED+ ES50 V2 600Lm Dimmable lamps offer an increased light output of 600Lm, comparable to 83W GU10 Halogen or 50W Halogen MR16 lamps. This gives users the ability to take their lighting to a low energy LED lamp technology without losing light levels and improving reliability by removing the need for transformers in the circuit.

Sylvania has launched a new generation of high quality GU10 LED PureForm lamps starting with the introduction of the RefLED Superia ES50 375Lm. PureForm lamps by Sylvania exceed the IEC standard and match the actual shape, size and profile of a halogen so that the replacement lamps fit in all luminaires.

Sylvania, one of the world's largest manufacturers of artificial light sources, has introduced an exciting range of dimmable and robust RefLED PAR LED lamps. Ideal for display lighting applications, the new product family offers the full complement of PAR lamps including the PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38.

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